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Mar 25 2022

AAAE 2022 Student Panel

The Atlantic Association of Applied Economists (AAAE) is pleased to announce the

2022 Student Panel

About The student panel provides a great opportunity for students to present their research to a group of professional economists and potential future employers.

Students who participate in this event do not need to prepare a report, only a presentation. Past presenters have found this to be a highly beneficial experience and learning opportunity.

All presenters will receive a certificate of participation.


Three or four candidates will be invited to make a short (10 min) presentation at a virtual AAAE meeting on March 25th, 2022. Admission is free.

There will be a short question and answer session following each presentation.


This event will take place on Friday, MARCH 25th, 2022 from noon to 1 p.m.

Eligibility & Guidelines

This competition is open to current students who may be finishing major projects or theses in 2022, or who have completed major projects or theses (undergraduate or graduate) in 2021. Undergraduates are strongly encouraged to participate.

Any topic will be considered (some examples are economic development, fiscal policy, labour market policy, environmental policy). No research paper or thesis is required, but the best presentations will draw upon work underway or already completed.

Presentations should focus on why the topic is important, how economic principles apply to the topic, the results of relevant data analysis, and resulting policy options or recommendations. Any specific relevance to Atlantic Canada is appreciated but not required.

How to Apply

Interested students must apply through their university department and should include a one-page summary of their topic/presentation and their email address. They cannot apply directly to the AAAE.

Each economics department can provide up to 2 student submissions. Departments should forward the one-page topic/presentation summaries, along with the name, email address, university and student status for each student submission to  no later than Wednesday February 9th, 2022. Selected candidates will be notified and asked to confirm by February 23rd.

More Info

For more on the AAAE or the panel, please email Holly Chisholm and Kevin MacLean at

Event Details

Mar 25, 2022 12:00pm - 1:00pm AST

Event Registration

Public Attendee List

  • Holly Chisholm