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Sep 23 2021

CABE Conference: The Future of Data including Transaction based Data

This event has been postponed to a later date. Please watch your email newsletters for updates.


Traditional statistics-gathering methods are no longer sufficient to accurately measure Canada’s economic and societal changes. That is why Statistics Canada’s focus has shifted toward leveraging administrative data, using advanced technologies and developing new, cost-effective methods to link and integrate data from a variety of sources. Greg Peterson will discuss the future changes in Statistics Canada’s data collection.

Greg Peterson Assistant Chief Statistician, Economic Statistics Field, Statistics Canada Greg Peterson

Greg Peterson is the Assistant Chief Statistician responsible for the Economic Statistics Field at Statistics Canada. His responsibilities include ensuring the quality, relevance and accessibility of a large and complex statistical program. This covers all aspects of the Canadian economy, including industrial production, merchandise trade, investment, energy and environment-related information, consumer and producer prices, and the macroeconomic statistics produced within the Canadian System of National Accounts.

Greg is an economist with a master’s degree in economics from Queen’s University. He began his career at Statistics Canada in 1990. Before his current role, Greg worked as Director General of the Agriculture, Energy and Environment Statistics Branch, where he was responsible for Canada’s Census of Agriculture and the development of the Canadian Centre for Energy Information—a multi-departmental effort to provide more timely energy information for all Canadians. Prior to that, Greg worked as Director of the Agriculture Division and the Investment, Science and Technology Division.

Event Details

Sep 23, 2021 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

Public Attendee List

  • Joseph Macaluso
  • Stephen Verhaeghe
  • Doug Norris
  • Michael Veall
  • Natasha Apollonova
  • Erik Johnson
  • Ryan Biln
  • Marina Savchenko