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Mar 14 2024

CABE Webinar – Beyond Greedflation – Tracing Pricing Trends in Canadian Food Production

Food inflation has triggered heightened concerns about “greedflation” and grocers’ abilities to set prices. But food prices are not just set by grocery stores. Whether upstream pressures on farm inputs or downstream influences on the farm-to-fork value chain, almost every stage of food production is dominated by a handful of corporations, and the degree of market concentration has increased over time. While market concentration is encouraged when significant economies of scale exist, market share influences price-setting ability. Like consumers, typically farmers are price-takers, with prices for crops or livestock mostly set in global commodity markets.

While the productivity of Canadian farms continues to improve and farm sizes rise, climate events and war have always circumscribed available supply and consequently prices. Financing, oil, machinery and logistics (storage, shipping, warehousing) also drive prices.

This CABE session will show how current trends in Canada’s food value chains are transmitted to prices long before they reach the grocery store.


Chris Ferris, President, Manitoba Association for Business Economics

Todd Godfrey, National Director, CABE

This webinar was organized and will be moderated by Armine Yalnizyan with technical assistance from Paul Jacobson

Chris Ferris, MABE President Chris Ferris

Chris Ferris is the Senior Economist with Economic Development Winnipeg (EDW). He joined EDW in 2017. Chris conducts in-depth research and analysis on the Winnipeg regional economy to identify trends and key economic indicators. He delivers valuable information to our business community in the form of commentary, insights, forecasting and economic modeling.

Prior to EDW, Chris was a Senior Grains Analyst with IEG Vantage, a Market Analyst with the CWB, and a Statistical Analyst with Bell MTS. Chris holds both a Master’s and BA (Honours) of Economics from the University of Manitoba. 

Chris Ferris serves as the MABE President.

ToddGodfrey2024 Todd Godfrey National Director, CABE

Todd Godfrey has worked for 26 years with the Government of Saskatchewan. During that time, he has had roles including economist, revenue analyst and budget analyst in the Ministry of Finance, and roles in capital and strategic planning in the Ministries of Central Services, Advanced Education and SaskBuilds and Procurement. His current role involves working with post-secondary educational institutions to develop business cases and with the ministry of Advanced Education to develop a sector capital plan.

Todd has a master’s degree and BA in economics from the University of Saskatchewan with specialization in industrial organization and industrial regulation and has certification as a Project Management Professional.


Event Details

Mar 14, 2024 13:00 - 14:30 EST

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Public Attendee List

  • Stephen Tapp
  • Holly Chisholm
  • Rowena Ahsan
  • Armine Yalnizyan
  • Justin Chesney
  • D. Christopher Lawless
  • Kiefer Van Mulligen
  • Matt Palucci
  • Andrea Duncan
  • Mario Baker
  • Calinda Brown
  • Rebekah Young
  • Marina Savchenko
  • Narendra Budhia
  • Lan Do
  • Andrea Schenk
  • Kari Norman
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  • Mark Hayward
  • John Hoicka
  • Chris Ferris
  • David Williams
  • Lisa Barkova
  • Jacquie Palladini
  • Marina Savchenko
  • Lydia Couture
  • Matthew Sebastiani
  • Erik Johnson
  • Antonia Prlic
  • Sukanya Nair
  • Charles St-Arnaud
  • Samantha Cleveland
  • Aaron Aerts