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Jun 19 2023

CABE Webinar: Canadian Household Income and Wealth in the Economic Accounts

The National Economic Accounts Division produces a wide array of data on the income and wealth of Canadian households, as well as the other sectors of the economy. This webinar will provide an overview of the household sector accounts and how their income, consumption and savings relates to their accumulation of wealth as well as the interconnectedness between households and other sectors. The presentation will also show how the Distributions of Household Economic Accounts blends the macroeconomic accounts with social data to help shed light on the financial well-being and vulnerabilities of different households in Canada.

amanda_s Amanda Sinclair Acting Assistant Director - National Economic Accounts Division

Amanda Sinclair is an Acting Assistant Director in the National Economic Accounts Division. She has over 13 years experience working at Statistics Canada and is currently responsible for the quarterly Income and Expenditure Accounts as well as the Distributions of Household Economic Accounts, among other programs. She has contributed to several international advisory committees in the areas of macroeconomic accounts and economic well-being. She has a Masters in Public Administration from Carleton University.

Mat_h Matthew Hoffarth Acting Assistant Director- National Economic Accounts Division

Matthew Hoffarth is Acting Assistant Director in the National Economic Accounts Division. He has been an economist within the Canadian System of Macroeconomic Accounts for over 15 years where he has had the opportunity to work on many aspects of the sequence of accounts from the supply-use tables to the national balance sheet. Currently, he oversees the Financial and Wealth Accounts, which measure the wealth of all sectors of the economy and present key indicators of financial vulnerabilities. He has a Masters from Carleton University where he focused on behavioural economics and decision making.

Event Details

Jun 19, 2023 13:00 - 14:00 EST

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Public Attendee List

  • Selene Liang
  • Kenneth Matziorinis
  • David Wang
  • Craig Kavanagh
  • Jason Yocom
  • Dominique Gagnon
  • Anna Mao
  • Charles St-Arnaud
  • Tamara Shaikho
  • Andrew Yim
  • Sue Chan
  • Stephen Tapp
  • Justin Chesney
  • Jiangnan Ji
  • Isabelle Poulin-Coutlee
  • Anna Mao
  • Dustan Woodhouse
  • Jingliang Xiao
  • Nic Rhodes
  • Ryan Biln
  • Annie Zhai
  • Beverly Tennant
  • Aaron Aerts
  • Aaron Aerts
  • Claire Liang