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Nov 29 2022

CABE Webinar: OECD Economic Outlook

Nigel Pain will present the OECD’s November 2022 Global Economic Outlook

The world economy is facing mounting challenges, amidst high inflation and declining business and consumer confidence. Tighter financial conditions, reflecting higher policy interest rates, declines in real wages and the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on energy markets are all slowing growth. With recent indicators taking a turn for the worse, the global economic outlook has darkened.

The four main takeaways are:

  • Global growth is set to slow further in 2023 and be much weaker than anticipated before the war
  • The outlook is unusually imbalanced, with sharp slowdowns in the United States and Europe, but growth holding up in Asia.
  • Inflation will ease gradually, but remain above-target next year
  • Downside risks to the outlook are high, stemming from energy markets, financial vulnerabilities and the challenges of calibrating macro policy
Nigel Pain Head of the Macroeconomic Policy Division, OECD Economics Department Nigel Pain

Nigel Pain is Head of the Macroeconomic Policy Division, in the OECD Economics Department. He is the principal author of the OECD Economic Outlook global chapter, and the OECD Interim Economic Outlook. His team is also responsible for the cross-country scenario analyses in these reports. Previously in the Economics Department, Nigel was Head of the EU Desk, and Head of the Trade and Globalisation team, leading projects on business sector innovation and the macroeconomic effects of globalisation.  Prior to joining the OECD, Nigel worked at the UK Treasury and the National Institute of Economic and Social Research.

Event Details

Nov 29, 2022 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST

Event Registration Closed.

Public Attendee List

  • Christopher Kuchciak
  • Paul Jacobson
  • Laura Gu
  • Angela Chen
  • Jay Parmar
  • Shajee Kathirgamanathan
  • kanishka gaggar
  • Tina Liu
  • Régine Cléophat
  • Jacob Loree
  • Narendra Budhia
  • Andaleeb Qayyum
  • Kellie Fong
  • Richard Guertin
  • Armine Yalnizyan
  • PATRICK Deutscher
  • Jim Whitestone
  • Bradley Krause
  • Ryan McLaughlin
  • Charles St-Arnaud
  • Lisa Baratta
  • Andrew DiCapua
  • Grant Myers
  • Jerome Catimel
  • Antonia Prlic
  • surinder Suri
  • Todd Godfrey
  • Margaret Zafiriou
  • Fanny Siauw-Soegiarto
  • Ela Shadpour
  • Liam Daly
  • Hameid Taha
  • Justin Chesney
  • Mark Hayward
  • Jingliang Xiao
  • Julia Chow
  • Taylor Adams
  • Cristina Popovici
  • Andaleeb Qayyum
  • Ryan Smith
  • Jim Whitestone
  • Christine Dunnigan
  • Tina Liu
  • Katherine Jacobs
  • Devin MacKay
  • John Gerritsen
  • Steve Dorey
  • Judith McWhinney
  • Sheila Rao
  • D. Christopher Lawless
  • Bradley Krause
  • Paul Wefers Bettink
  • Annie De Champlain
  • Sebastian Goerlich
  • Jerome Catimel
  • Aaron Aerts
  • Kiefer Van Mulligen
  • Dante Frias
  • Jonathan Thibault
  • Jay Parmar
  • Mahlaqa Irfan
  • Tasneem Rehman
  • Régine Cléophat
  • Iglika Ivanova
  • Larisa Averkieva
  • Melanie Raymond
  • Calinda Brown
  • Fanny Siauw-Soegiarto
  • Peter Harrison
  • Ela Shadpour
  • Alex Gray
  • Claire Liang
  • Miles White
  • Damilola Afolabi
  • Nick Holloway
  • Azadeh Farahnakian
  • Lydia Couture
  • Dustan Woodhouse
  • Bradley Krause
  • Holly Chisholm
  • Marina Savchenko
  • Steve Dorey
  • Craig Archibald
  • Aaron Aerts
  • Max von Holtzendorff
  • Jayani Patel
  • surinder Suri
  • David Sevigny
  • Walker Mooney
  • Michele Thibeau
  • Sarine Karajian
  • Aaron Sydor
  • Igor Cugalj
  • David Amirault
  • Raed Khoury
  • Shelley Thompson
  • Junyi Feng
  • PATRICK Deutscher
  • Jason Roy
  • Nic Rhodes
  • Sean Mullin
  • David Wang
  • Hari Pokhrel
  • Alex Kraas
  • Andaleeb Qayyum
  • Tina Yang
  • Zachary Weselake-George
  • John Fanjoy