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Jul 22 2024


The TABE AGM is your opportunity to:

  • Hear what TABE has been doing over the past year including event and Mentoring Program highlights.
  • Be updated on TABE finances and membership trends.
  • Vote for the 2024-2025 Board of Directors [details here].
  • Learn about plans for TABE for the upcoming year.
  • Ask questions to Alex Ciappara (President & Chair, TABE) about the organisation.
  • Vote on a small amendment to the By-Law [details here]
  • Review and vote on the Minutes from the 2022-2023 AGM.

TABE will be holding this year’s AGM online for members-only. Please register to obtain a link.

If you have any questions about the agenda, please feel free to contact Alex Ciappara ( in advance of the AGM.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

Event Details

Jul 22, 2024 12:00PM - 1:00PM EST

Event Registration

Public Attendee List

  • Peter Hall
  • Erik Johnson
  • Tu Nguyen
  • Jim Whitestone
  • Ted Tsiakopoulos
  • Robin Shaban
  • Miles White
  • Alex Kraas
  • Stephen Tapp
  • Marc Desormeaux
  • Randall Bartlett
  • Paul Ferley
  • Kim Boydell
  • Morteza Nazari
  • Evgeniia Khoreva
  • Sarah Fong
  • Farhad Panahov
  • Alex Ciappara
  • Eric Lascelles
  • Peter Drake
  • Jim Whitestone
  • Peter Norman
  • James Fudurich