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Feb 02 2022

TABE Webinar: Have City Centres Fallen out of Vogue during the Pandemic?

City centres were innocent bystanders during the pandemic as businesses and households changed their behaviours. Dr William Strange will discuss his recent research on the impact of COVID on the appeal of city centres, sharing his unique research methods and results.  Spoiler alert: City centres are still more valuable to commercial tenants. However, an analysis of commercial rents in the U.S. does show that cities did lose some of their appeal during the pandemic and this was especially true for denser, more transit-orientated  centres.

Strange-William_Headshot SmartCentres Chair of Real Estate, Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy, University of Toronto Dr. William Strange

William Strange is a Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy at the Rotman School. William is currently Editor of Journal of Urban Economics (with Stuart Rosenthal), and he served in 2011 as President of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association. He works in the areas of urban economics and real estate. His research has considered agglomeration, industry clusters, labor market pooling, skills, private government, real estate development and real estate investment.

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Feb 02, 2022 1:00pm - 2:15pm EST

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Public Attendee List

  • Alan Arcand
  • Natasha Apollonova
  • John Gerritsen
  • Peter Weltman
  • Tianyu Zhang
  • Sonya Plater
  • Benjamin Denis Rommelaere
  • Amelie Lombard
  • Vijay Gill
  • Darren McHugh
  • Marianne Etter
  • Steve Dorey
  • Pedro Antunes
  • Almos Tassonyi
  • Henry Lotin
  • Jane Walpole
  • Eugene Swimmer
  • Benjamin Dachis
  • James Raymond
  • Kellie Fong
  • Brendon Ogmundson
  • Cristina Popovici
  • Joachim Ramm
  • Craig Ferguson
  • Andrew Wong
  • Sarah Anson-Cartwright
  • Chris Langstaff
  • Michael Logue
  • Paul Richardson
  • Michael Dobner
  • Paul Chronis
  • Valdy Nickel
  • Caroline Cregan
  • Jamie Tate
  • Yurij Pelech
  • Anna Ritacca
  • John Weir
  • Gary Davidson
  • Robert Prete
  • Doug Norris
  • Nick McDonald
  • Adrienne Warren
  • Thomas Kilpatrick
  • Kevin Eby
  • Nadine Cormier
  • Sheila Rao
  • Bill Denning
  • Michael Davenport
  • D. Christopher Lawless
  • Andrew Browning
  • Christina Kalt
  • Robert Bartnik
  • Jacob Loree
  • Yvonne von Jena
  • Almos Tassonyi
  • Nicolas Bédard
  • Edward Weisz
  • Rob Dowler
  • Karynne Munroe
  • Eric Aderneck
  • Robyn Brown
  • Matt Emde
  • John Anania
  • Mike Florio
  • Kellie Fong
  • Steve Willis
  • Terence Smyth
  • Martin Rice
  • Aqib Sakhia
  • Fiona Chan
  • Anna Trankovskaya
  • Samantha Cleveland
  • Alex Kraas