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Dec 09 2021

TABE Webinar: Supply Chain Challenges and Implications for the Canadian Economy

Supply chain disruptions are dampening Canada’s economic recovery, slowing growth, pushing prices higher and weakening the labour market. Even when pandemic-induced disruptions end, businesses will continue to restructure their supply chains, making them shorter, more regionalized and embedding greater redundancies. Sohaib Shahid will discuss the challenges facing global supply chains, how long they may be expected to last, and implications for economic growth, inflation, and monetary policy.

Sohaib Shahid Director of Economic Innovation, Conference Board of Canada Sohaib Shahid

Sohaib Shahid is Director of Economic Innovation at the Conference Board of Canada. Before joining the Board, Sohaib led TD Bank’s Global Economic Forecast and informed clients on the Canadian and U.S. outlook. Before relocating to Toronto, he was based in Washington D.C., where he worked as an economist at the IMF and the World Bank on a wide variety of countries and a broad range of issues. Sohaib is an economic thought leader whose work has been covered extensively by leading media outlets such as the Globe & Mail, Maclean’s, BNN Bloomberg, and the Financial Times. He holds an MA and a PhD in Economics from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Dec 09, 2021 1:00pm - 2:15pm EST

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Public Attendee List

  • Alan Arcand
  • Jane Walpole
  • Margaret Zafiriou
  • Fanny Siauw-Soegiarto
  • Stephen Tapp
  • Chris Ferris
  • Steve Dorey
  • Elena Grubisic
  • Laura Gu
  • Christine Dunnigan
  • David Boileau
  • Darren McHugh
  • Alex Ciappara
  • Peter Harrison
  • Sheila Rao
  • Phil Stone
  • Gordon Cleveland
  • Joel Thomson
  • Laura O'Hearn
  • Sarah Gordon
  • Jacob Loree
  • Kiefer Van Mulligen
  • Eric Neudorf
  • Martin Bohl
  • Maria Solovieva
  • Chris Elliott
  • Marvin Cruz
  • Mark Hayward
  • Erik Johnson
  • Samantha Cleveland
  • Jacob Danto-Clancy
  • Peter Weltman
  • Pershing Sun
  • Jerome Lyons
  • Leo Marco Vidal
  • Mike Brown
  • Anita Ajmiri
  • Cherin Hamadi
  • Cherin Hamadi
  • John Gerritsen
  • Doug Norris
  • Sue Chan
  • Aaron Aerts
  • Aaron Aerts
  • Greg Landry
  • Andrés Léon
  • Rebekah Young
  • Chrystelle Saizonou
  • Cristina Popovici
  • Antonia Prlic
  • Jingliang Xiao
  • Tony Stillo
  • Shelley Thompson
  • Momanyi Mokaya
  • Aaron Sydor
  • Régine Cléophat
  • James Marple
  • Constantinos Bougas
  • Jacob Loree
  • Benjamin Dachis
  • Martin Rice
  • Joachim Ramm
  • Kenrick Jordan
  • Ted Tsiakopoulos
  • Marc Ercolao
  • Henry Lotin
  • Amal Ahmed
  • surinder Suri
  • Angelo Mateo
  • Eugene Swimmer
  • Robert Bartnik
  • Julien Manceaux
  • James Higginson
  • Ela Shadpour
  • Abdi Osman
  • Phinjo Gombu
  • Natasha Apollonova
  • Erin Christensen
  • Ming Her
  • Klaus Edenhoffer
  • surinder Suri
  • Jacquie Palladini
  • Jasmin Ozkur
  • James Marple