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Jun 11 2024

APEBC AGM: Keynote by Dr. Don Wright followed by APEBC AGM

Gradually, Then Suddenly

Over the past 40+ years Canada has seen a steady, gradual decline in its productivity performance, and a related growing pessimism about the prospects for the standard of living of younger generations.  In this presentation I will argue that Canada is at an inflection point – the gradual decline in our ability to generate a rising standard of living is now, apparently suddenly, turning into an economic, social, and political crisis.  I will identify the key changes that need to be made if Canada is going to turn this around.

Please note that the keynote speaker will be presenting from 10:00-11:00 am PT.  The Annual General Meeting will follow, and this portion of the event is open to APEBC members only.

Don Wright Dr. Don Wright Public Policy Forum Fellow and former Deputy Minister to the Premier, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Public Service of British Columbia

Don’s career has spanned the academic, government and private sectors. From July 2017 to November 2020, Don was the Deputy Minister to the Premier, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Public Service of British Columbia.

His previous government service included positions as Secretary to the Treasury Board and as Deputy Minister in the Ministries of Forests, Trade and Investment, and Education in the Saskatchewan and British Columbia governments.

From 1997 to 2001, Don worked for Weldwood of Canada, a forest products company, and was a vice president there before he returned to government service in 2001. From 2003-08 Don was the principal of Analytica Consulting, which provided advice to public and private sector clients. From 2008-2013 Don was President of the British Columbia Institute of Technology. From 2014-2017 he was President and CEO of Central 1 Credit Union.

Don has served on a number of profit and not-for-profit boards. Dr. Wright holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan, a Masters in Economics from the University of British Columbia, and a PhD in Economics from Harvard University.

Don continues to be active in public policy discussions, provides advice to selected clients, and sits on a small number of boards.

Relevant Public Policy Forum (PPF) papers:

Event Details

Jun 11, 2024 1:00pm - 2:45pm EST

Event Registration Closed.

Public Attendee List

  • Crystal Arnburg
  • Denise Mullen
  • Ken Peacock
  • David Williams
  • Charles St-Arnaud
  • Déla Hoyi
  • Pushpa Kumari
  • Ryan Biln
  • Antonia Prlic
  • Laura Gu
  • Matthew Sebastiani
  • Selene Liang
  • Gorkem Ozdemir
  • Iglika Ivanova
  • Ryan Biln
  • Andrea Sullivan
  • Justin Desrosier
  • Stephen Tapp
  • Jasmine Batalla
  • Patrice Rivard
  • Bradley Krause
  • Mario Baker
  • Damara Kiceniuk
  • Paul Blais-Morisset
  • Davis Dolan
  • Michael Barkusky
  • Aaron Sydor
  • Lukas Matejovsky
  • Heidi Booth
  • Steve Patterson
  • Marina Savchenko
  • Christian Hansen
  • Ariel Lade
  • Jiangnan Ji
  • Mark Szekely
  • D. Christopher Lawless
  • Sonya Plater
  • Robert Bartnik
  • Mario Baker
  • Agamani Chakrabarty
  • Charles DeLand
  • Helen Smiley
  • Taylor Adams
  • Lana Asaff
  • Lorne Sivertson
  • Alan Arcand
  • Mark Hayward
  • Lawrence Schembri
  • Andrea Duncan
  • Damara Kiceniuk
  • Huilin Zhou
  • Lan Do
  • Denise Mullen
  • Robert Bartnik
  • Eric Vance
  • Earl Zacca
  • Jeff Bennett
  • Andrea Sullivan
  • Jock Finlayson
  • Mathieu Amyot
  • Christopher Kuchciak
  • Colin Betts
  • George Benson
  • Lisa Baratta
  • Claustre Bajona
  • Lois McNabb
  • Beverly Tennant
  • Justin Chesney
  • J. MacGregor Taylor
  • Michelle Allen
  • D. Christopher Lawless
  • Jock Finlayson
  • Susan Mowbray
  • Hasina Rasata