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Apr 22 2024

TABE/CABE Webinar – AI and Macro Nowcasting 3.0: Assessing Soft Landing 1-3 Months Early

TABE and CABE are pleased to announce the fourth speaker in our webinar series: New Tools of the Economists’ Trade. Apurv Jain, CEO and Founder of MacroXStudio will explore how macro nowcasting is making a quantum leap from models using lagged and low-quality government data to using AI and alternative data to deliver a deep and real-time understanding of the global financial system. There will be a live demonstration that tracks economic activity in real-time and wage growth months early and showcases city-level nowcasts and a chatbot that updates slides. Apurv will share how MacroX’s multimodal AI framework helped it rapidly scale 300+ signals across 35 countries, including Canada. This session will build on Apurv’s recent remarks at Davos and book chapter on ML and alt data for nowcasting, in which he explores how easily accessible, high-quality economic information coupled with LLMs will be a transformative force for economic and social progress.

About the series: The digitization of our economies has led to an explosion of more granular, real-time data. Combined with rapid growth in new technologies, techniques, compute power, and generative AI tools, the tools of the economists’ trade have the potential to change dramatically. This series is an opportunity to learn more about how economists and others are experimenting with these new datasets, techniques, and approaches.

This session has been organized and will be moderated by Danielle Goldfarb, with technical assistance from Alex Ciappara and Erik Johnson – all members of the TABE Board of Directors.

Apurv_1 Apurv Jain CEO and Founder, MacroXStudio

Apurv is the founder and CEO of MacroXStudio, a San Francisco startup that uses multimodal AI and alternative data to paint a real-time picture of the world economy and society. MacroX’s metrics are generated at a global scale with city-level granularity, offering a quantum leap vs. the government data used by most.

Apurv’s background is an unusual combination of trading, data science, and research. Prior to MacroX, he founded and led AI-based investing efforts at Microsoft. Apurv has traded FX exotics at Deutsche Bank, conducted research at Bridgewater Associates, and actively managed a $3B single name credit portfolio for MSFT Capital Markets. As a senior scientist at Microsoft Research and researcher at Harvard Business School he has published papers in top academic journals.

Event Details

Apr 22, 2024 12:00PM - 1:30PM EST

Event Registration

Public Attendee List

  • Erik Johnson
  • Kiefer Van Mulligen
  • Ahmed Al-Askari
  • Claire Gabillard
  • Donald Mikolich
  • Mario Baker
  • Kari Norman
  • Chris Langstaff
  • Marina Savchenko
  • Steve Patterson
  • Bernard Wolf
  • Susan Ampleford
  • Stephen Tapp
  • Mark Hayward
  • Philippe Monier
  • Justin Desrosier
  • Sal Guatieri
  • Robin Banerjee
  • Jim Whitestone
  • Sue Chan
  • Sebastien Labrecque
  • Jasmine Batalla
  • Angela Chen
  • Annie Zhai
  • Michael Foster
  • Jeff Bennett
  • Caroline Nicol
  • Rebekah Young
  • Atousa Mirzaei-Rezaei
  • Jane Voll
  • Jeremy Kronick
  • Steve Dorey
  • Christianah Adelekun
  • Jidny Shoummo
  • Tony Stillo
  • Brian Waterman
  • kanishka gaggar
  • Lan Do
  • Valerie Picketts
  • damara kiceniuk
  • Aimeric Atsin
  • Judith McWhinney
  • Robert Bartnik
  • Alan Arcand
  • Justin Chesney
  • Crystal Arnburg
  • Chrystelle Saizonou
  • Lorena Camargo
  • James Fudurich
  • Jean He
  • Rishi Sondhi
  • Graydon Paulin
  • Laura Gu
  • Mark Hayward
  • Stephen Tapp
  • Phil Stone
  • Nathan Janzen
  • Mario Baker
  • Atousa Mirzaei-Rezaei
  • Michael Davenport
  • Christianah Adelekun
  • Robert Bartnik
  • Steve Dorey
  • Robert Hogue
  • Kelvin Wu
  • Julie Adès
  • Rowena Ahsan
  • Vikram Rai
  • James Orlando
  • Junyi Feng
  • Sheila Rao
  • Brendon Ogmundson
  • Antonia Prlic
  • Charles St-Arnaud
  • Paul Jacobson
  • Calinda Brown
  • Jennifer Yang
  • Matthew Sebastiani
  • Justin Desrosier
  • Natasha Apollonova
  • Katia Arrus
  • Mark Hayward
  • Randall Bartlett
  • Huilin Zhou
  • Matthew Edwards
  • Diarra Sourang
  • John Fanjoy
  • Ryan Biln
  • Ming Her
  • John Grant
  • Jingliang Xiao
  • Steve Dorey
  • Chris Ferris
  • Michelle Allen
  • Mark Hayward
  • Colleen Smith
  • Stephen Tapp