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CABE Webinar: Food Inflation through the Supply Chain: How it’s Measured and Recent Trends

March 27, 2023

CABE Webinar: Food Inflation through the Supply Chain: How it’s Measured and Recent Trends

Prices for food have seen large increases in the past year, with annual grocery price increases exceeding 10% every month, since August 2022. While we can all see the impact of these higher prices on our grocery bills, how is food inflation measured in the Canadian CPI? What indicators does Statistics Canada have to measure price inflation further up the supply chain, and what has food price inflation looked like for Canada’s farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers? This presentation will introduce participants to the producer and consumer price programs at Statistics Canada and demonstrate relationships between producer and consumer price indexes for selected food products in recent months.

Because of its policy relevance, this webinar is being made publicly available for short period.


CABE_Food inflation through the supply chain_2023-03-27

Statistics Canada has been kind enough to supply responses to some of the issues and questions raised in the webinar chat.

2023-03-28 CABE_followups_food_inflation_webinar

profile Economist, Consumer Prices Division, Statistics Canada Andrew Barclay

Andrew has worked in the Consumer Price Division as an analyst for nearly 6 years. He has also worked in the National Accounts at Statistics Canada.


Headshot_Devin MacKay Program Manager, Producer Prices Division, Statistics Canada Devin MacKay

Devin MacKay joined Statistics Canada in 2006, where much of his career has focused on price measurement. He is currently the Program Manager for Goods Prices in the Producer Prices Division. Prior to this, he worked as an economist on various programs, including the Industrial Product and Raw Material Price Indexes, the Retail Services Price Index and the Consumer Price Index.

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