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Canada’s Rapidly Changing Economic Landscape

April 12, 2021

Beyond 2021 – post-Covid 19 – Canada’s economy will resume expanding. But the expansion will be uneven from one province to another and within each province. Metropolitan areas will most often be the “beneficiaries”. This shifting economic landscape reflects changes underway in our trade patterns, the goods and services we consume, the way we shop, the distribution channels we use, and the sources we use to recruit workers to replace the retiring Baby Boom generation. This session looks at how metroeconomics expects these and other shifts to shake out geographically in the decades ahead.



Download slides in PDF format: TABE Webinar – Canada’s Rapidly Changing Economic Landscape


About the Speaker

Tom McCormack has been an economic consultant to private and public sector clients on Canada’s economic and demographic prospects by sub-area for three decades. Prior to establishing his consultancy he served as VP of Research with Compusearch (now Environics Analytics) as Chief Canadian Economist with Data Resources Inc. (now IHS Markit: Canada) and as a policy advisor to the ministry of finance and the industry ministry in Ottawa. He is a former President of CABE, TABE and OEA, a former member of the board of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, and was a member of the Premier’s Task Force on the Future of the GTA.

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