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Climate Change & Financial Risks: Where we are and What to Expect

with Laura Zizzo, Stephane Tardif, and Graham Davies

The risks posed by climate change are an increasingly important consideration for Canadian financial institutions and regulators. Climate change poses risks to business activity via higher frequency of extreme weather events, but even more so by disrupting business models as the economy transitions away from carbon-based energy sources. The materiality of climate-related risks on financial decisions and the need for greater transparency are impacting the way organizations strategize, operate, invest, and disclose. The changes required to meet Canada’s net-zero carbon emissions goal by 2050 will have profound effects on the structure of the economy and financial risks over the next several decades.

Join us to hear three unique perspectives on the risks posed to the financial sector of these changes. Our panel of guest speakers are Laura Zizzo, Co-founder at Manifest Climate, a boutique consulting group specializing in climate-related risks, disclosure and scenario building; Stephane Tardif, Managing Director at OSFI, working with the public consultation on climate-related financial disclosures; and Graham Davies, VP Operational Risk at TD Bank Group, responsible for incorporating climate risks into TD’s risk management framework.


About the Speakers

Laura Zizzo
Co-founder, Manifest Climate

Stephane Tardif
Managing Director, OSFI

Graham Davies
VP Operational Risk, TD Bank Group