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Fiscal Sustainability in a Time of Debt

with Dr. Mostafa Askari

Around the world, governments have borrowed heavily to support households and businesses as they struggled to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. And nowhere is this more true than in Canada. But as vaccinations are delivered and optimism abounds that life may soon return to normal, questions are being asked about what our fiscal future might look like. This is particularly true for the federal government, who’s strong position of fiscal sustainability has been considerably eroded during the pandemic. Please join Dr. Mostafa Askari, Chief Economist of the Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy, as he walks us through the considerations to keep in mind as we embark on the 2021 budget season and beyond.



Download a PDF copy of the slides:  TABE Webinar – Fiscal Sustainability in a Time of Debt – Mostafa Askari


About the Speaker

Mostafa Askari

Dr. Mostafa Askari
Chief Economist,
Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy