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Predicting Canadian Financial Crises

October 11, 2022

For some time, there have been concerns about Canada’s vulnerability to a financial crisis due to historically high and increasing levels of indebtedness, as well as the recent decline in real estate prices.

Trying to predict Canadian financial crises is difficult, in part, due to a lack of history of such crises in Canada.  In this timely TABE presentation, Steve Ambler and Jeremy Kronick of the C.D. Howe Institute will review indicators of Canadian vulnerabilities to financial crises and suggest improvements.  What are the implications for policy makers dealing with financial stability concerns?



Download the slides in PDF format:  TABE Webinar – Predicting Canadian Financial Crises

C.D. Howe Institute, commentary NO. 564, Predicting Financial Crises: The Search for the Most Telling Red Flag in the Economy

Technical Paper: Predicting Financial Crises: Debt versus Debt Service Ratios


Steve Ambler Fellow-In-Residence, C.D. Howe Institute Steve Ambler
Jeremy Kronick Director, Monetary and Financial Services Research Jeremy Kronick

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