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The New Brunswick Economy: Past Performance and Future Directions

May 11, 2022


The New Brunswick economy has underperformed in recent years, both relative to the national average and to its historical experience. Can New Brunswick reverse this situation going forward?  This presentation will critically assess the performance of the New Brunswick economy in recent decades, with a focus on trends in population, the labour market, output, productivity, innovation, personal and household income, and economic well-being. The presentation will then examine the factors influencing future economic developments in the province, including interprovincial and international migration patterns, commodity prices, and government policies. It will conclude with recommendations for the future directions for the province.

This presentation draws on a research project on the future of the New Brunswick economy being undertaken by the Ottawa-based Centre for the Study of Living Standards (CSLS) and the Atlantic Institute for Policy Research at the University of New Brunswick. The CSLS has released six studies on the New Brunswick economy that can be found at



Download the slides in PDF format:  AAAE Webinar – New Brunswick Economy – Past Performance and Future Directions



Andrew Sharpe Founder and Executive Director of the Centre for the Study of Living Standards (CSLS) Andrew Sharpe

Born in New Brunswick, Andrew Sharpe is founder and Executive Director of the Ottawa-based Centre for the Study of Living Standards (CSLS). Established in 1995, CSLS is a national, independent, non-profit research organization whose main objective is to study trends and determinants of productivity, living standards and economic well-being.

Andrew has held a variety of earlier positions, including Head of Research at the Canadian Labour Market and Productivity Centre and Chief, Business Sector Analysis at Finance Canada. He holds a M.A. and Ph.D in economics from McGill University, a maitrise in urban geography from the Université de Paris-Sorbonne, and a B.A. from the University of Toronto. He is also founder and Editor of the International Productivity Monitor, co-developer (with Lars Osberg) of the composite Index of Economic Well-being, a consultant to the World Bank on labor market issues, and Executive Director of the International Association for Research on Income and Wealth (IARIW), an international research association dedicated to the advancement of knowledge relating to income and wealth.

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