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The Rise and Fall of Inflation in Canada: Post Pandemic Analysis

November 17, 2022

Canada recently experienced the highest inflation rate in decades, and it was driven by COVID-19 disruptions, supply chain bottlenecks, and rising energy prices.

Due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government responded with unprecedented fiscal spending to support workers who lost their jobs and businesses impacted by mandatory closures. The pandemic also disrupted supply chains, which impacted the prices of goods and services globally. At the same time, Russia’s unprovoked war on Ukraine created an energy crisis which increased the global demand for energy and further fueled inflation.

Despite aggressive interest rate tightening, inflation persists in Canada. Energy prices seem to be decreasing but food prices continue to increase. During this event Trevor Tombe and Yu Chen, two leading experts on inflation, will discuss the rise and fall of inflation in Canada with emphasis on the post-pandemic experience. They will also shed light on their expectations for inflation going forward.



Download the slides in PDF format: OEA Webinar – The Rise and Fall of Inflation in Canada Post Pandemic Analysis


Tombe 2017 Professor of Economics at the University of Calgary, Research Fellow at The School of Public Policy Trevor Tombe

Trevor Tombe is a Professor and Graduate Program Director at the University of Calgary’s Department of Economics and a Research Fellow at The School of Public Policy. He received his PhD in Economics from the University of Toronto. His research explores a broad set of topics from international trade to public finances and fiscal federalism. He has published over 60 peer-reviewed articles in some of the fields top journals, is co-author of the textbook Public Finance in Canada, co-editor of the recent volume Fiscal Federalism in Canada, and is Co-Director of Finances of the Nation. In addition to his academic work, he advises various governments on wide range of issues and is an active contributor to Canadian policy development and discussions through regular op-eds, general interest articles, and active media engagement.

Yu Sonja Chen Assistant Professor, University of Calgary Yu (Sonja) Chen

Yu (Sonja) Chen is an assistant professor at the University of Calgary. Her research fields include macroeconomics, labour economics and search-and-matching theory. Her latest work investigates the productivity of the Canadian economy and some causes and consequences of the recent rising inflation in Canada.

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